Flirt - a game for adults ...

Flirt - a game for adults ...
 Delicate and exquisite craftsmanship flirting - is a science, which implies tact, insight and self-control in all circumstances. It is an art to bring a touch of erotic dialogue, is not beyond the pale. This is a game in which there is no prize, but no losers. That is why the real flirting by and large can be considered the prerogative of the mature and experienced people.

Indeed, only the experience and knowledge of the subtle nature may give the true meaning of flirting and to elevate him to the status of high art. Unfortunately, what many now call flirting - in fact nothing more than a primitive game with ambiguous hints, invariably leading to more and more frank and sometimes vulgar continue the dialogue. And to accuse today's young people in the absence of tact and elementary rules of decency would be pointless, because the influence of our cynical times too obvious. In addition, the lack of live communication, no less negative impact on gender relations. Lack of personal conversations and dialogues, replaced today ubiquitous Internet services, can not affect the manner of communication and the further accumulation of experiences.

Causing considerable harm to the modern art of communication lack reading habits among the younger generation. After getting a grasp in the works of well-known classics, we gain invaluable experience of studying human nature, manner of communication, body language. We learn to understand people, replenish vital knowledge, finding himself with literary heroes, and with eager interest the book dialogues full of tiny strokes and shades. And everyone is very clear that it would be absolutely ridiculous to put on a par with books TV, Internet and other modern sources of information, so beloved of today's youth.

And this factor is circumstantial and anecdotal obtain vital knowledge makes itself felt: there is a total simplification of relations, and with it, and simplification of the personality that can not hurt a wise and far-sighted man. Today, alas, only the older generation are masterly dialogues, elegant and easy communication, called a flirt, not only because of life experience, but also precious knowledge gained from the books once.

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