Timid and shy so ...

Timid and shy so ...
 By a happy coincidence, you fell in love with a man who sympathizes with you too, but the first step to do is not solved. Talking to you, he blushes and embarrassed, and it draws you to it even more. What should we take to an affair with a shy friend?

Let's try to draw a portrait of our hero. The main feature of a shy man is low self-esteem. But the fact that such men find themselves hopeless, does not mean that they are such in reality. Timid men tend to be intelligent and well-read. It is possible they may be strong and beautiful. They hear a faint voice, excessive modesty, shyness. If he starts to like a girl, all his modesty and shyness is manifested in all its glory - he begins to blush, pale, talking to Like it makes awkward movements.

What is the cause of low self-esteem and self-consciousness of most men? As a rule, the reasons for these deeply laid at the very childhood. Demanding parents often scold the child for a variety of serious (as they think) offenses. From this understated self-esteem, and he feels the worst of all, or worse than many. And then with all these complexes person enters into adulthood, where he has to seek a life partner. However, a shy man considers himself unworthy to meet with the overwhelming majority of the fair sex. Hence we conclude that it is necessary to adjust the whole situation dating so shy man could (although nominally b) take the first step.

Pretend that you really need his help, and then casually tie acquaintance with him. The main thing - not to go ahead, as there is a big risk to scare our fellow timid.

As a rule, the timid men are faithful companions and tender lover. Often praise such a man, and you will see that he will be grateful to you for it and will reward you with a vengeance for this praise. And loyalty in marital relationships, and tenderness in bed is a consequence of his gratitude towards you, as a woman, considered it a worthy partner.

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