Men, on which you want to run

Men, on which you want to run
 No one is immune from mistakes, and sometimes family boat collapses, even before he could sail. But some errors can still try to avoid. For example, some features will help you recognize the man, from whom better to escape.  

Allocated to the five types of men who are anxious to see very few people in my life, and the notion of the nature of which can be already on a first date. This alcoholic potaskun moral sadist, gigolo and aggressor.

The first case is the most simple. Already one meeting in a restaurant can be concluded about how people can control their intake of alcohol. If a man sitting in front of you does not cease to overturn a glasses, better think again whether to continue the relationship. Of course, it may be justified to say that today was a bad day, find a variety of compelling reasons. But no matter what is the reason: it is possible, at this stage of life is really just a lot of stress (even the excitement of seeing you) forces him to seek support for alcohol. But most likely in the future will have enough impact at all force, while the amount drunk will start to grow.

More complicated to deal with the recognition of pathological potaskun. After all, they just look beautiful, so that you are ready to forget about everything and to agree to any of its proposals. And this is just an opportunity to check. Get unavailability, make him pursue you. Note that, if changed his behavior to achieve the objective. If, for example, he had to beg for a long time you go to a restaurant, it will be persistent and ardent, but in the evening care can take more restrained. A characteristic feature is the exaltation of your strengths and underscore the lack of interest in any other girls.

Moral sadist manifests itself gradually. To conclude that the man belongs to this type, it is possible to gradually increase criticism in your address. While you're still not converged, it will be limited in time by finding new ways to insults and abuse. Avoid escalating the situation in the incessant humiliation: do not hesitate to terminate the relationship and run from this man with all haste.

Another reason for the ardent and passionate courtship, filled with romance and adoration may be that your partner - a gigolo. Look closely: how often does he "forgets" purse says about sudden spending, the last day before the salary? What is more likely to occur in his speech different explanations of why today he can not pay for a movie or restaurant, the more likely it will soon begin to sound and requests for substantial monetary incentives. Pay attention to the fact that they will always be filled with emotional and use your moral feelings. Money may be required to help someone you know, for urgent surgery for urgent trips.

But the easiest way to identify the aggressor. From men, once even afford to simply wipe you need to escape. Immediately and without question.

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