How to achieve reciprocity of Man

How to achieve reciprocity of Man
 Love is beautiful only if it is mutual. When a girl in love, all her dreams and desires are directed to the object sighs. But the most basic and morbid desire - a mutual feeling. All other issues go by the wayside. If there is no certainty that the man is experiencing at least sympathy, you should try to establish contact with him and try to capture his heart.
 Refers to the process of conquest as favorite to gamble, do not be discouraged because of the failures and do not rejoice prematurely small victories. To begin to attract his attention, show him your interest, but do not demand reciprocity. You can not be an obsession, or that you simply alienate. Try to find any reason to be more close to him, but he did not have to say that you're doing it on purpose. If, for example, you learn in a school, try to meet with him in the dining room or in the hallway. Always smiling, but sincere. Do not make the frightened eyes if your views intersect.

Find out about his interest; find out what may be common between you, try to understand what kind of girls he likes. Gradually change yourself for it. However, it should make inquiries to ensure that he does not have a girl, as this is a significant barrier. Especially if they have long-term relationships and serious.

If you have the opportunity to become better acquainted with his acquaintances or friends, it is time to use it. Perhaps you will attend, along with his company any event, thus spend more time with him and gradually fall in love it in yourself. But at the same time gently behave with his friends, as if somebody of them want to meet you, your object sighs unlikely to spoil relations with a friend and go to conflict.

Always watch your appearance: you have to look perfect. Remove from the wardrobe of baggy clothes and gray dress. Try to be visible, to stand out among the rest. Let all the guys pay attention to you, then you definitely will have a chance of getting heart impressive loved.

Analyze his behavior, but note that it may just be shy and only so do not be against you visual senses. Probably, he had a crush on you, but hesitates to admit it. Try to stay alone with him and drop him a hint that you like it. Look at his reaction and, most likely, your problem will be solved.

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