Jealousy: who is in the lead role?

Jealousy: who is in the lead role?
 Jealous of two kinds: one from the early days satisfied with jealousy, and the latter begin to experience unpleasant feelings some time after the beginning of the relationship. This applies to both men and women. The most interesting is that the people of the second category may stop jealous if the change of partners. Ie their proprietary feelings relate to only one person.
 Jealous of their way to make life the second half like a nightmare. Constant reproaches, resentment, strife - all this feels loved one owner is not something that every day and almost every hour. Banned all: friends calls, delays at work, corporate, meetings with relatives, social networking. The aggressor can make up a story, to find her confirmation and are confident of being unfaithful lover on level ground. Tolerate such pressure is very difficult. As a general rule, if the second half does not leave a jealous partner for more than three years, it falls under its dependence almost completely. And to escape from such a relationship is very difficult.

Jealousy between the sexes are different. Men are afraid of physical infidelity. Women are panicking because of all: look in the direction of a beautiful stranger, a call from an unknown number, the message in aysikyu. Because of the difference in the thinking of occasions in the fairer sex more.

In unequal pairs jealous often one who stands a notch below its partner. The difference can be any: in appearance, intelligence, money. Ie if a person believes his partner to better themselves at least in something, it will be more sense of ownership. Conversely, if a person considers himself a cut above his lover, jealous, he will not grow. It concerns both sexes.

So jealousy experienced by all - both men and women. Someone takes it all the time, and some only with certain partners. It would seem that the stronger sex more often be jealous, because they are more often owners. But in reality it is not so. Still, most women are jealous because they are the weaker sex. They are more dependent on their partner and more afraid of being alone. Even in ancient times women are looking for a strong man who can protect them from all trouble, give a good seed and feed their families. And over the years, almost nothing has changed.

Naturally, the woman clings to her beloved, afraid of losing him. And that is why there is a feeling of jealousy in her more, but it goes too fast. The fairer sex flash as matches, but their emotions so quickly and end. The man feels less jealousy, but his feelings are more durable.

Even the stronger sex less often jealous of the fact that they are prepared for any trouble. They are less thinking about infidelity partner because their thoughts are other, more global issues. But this does not mean that men do not feel jealous at all. Experience, just less often, and they show their feelings more subdued.

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