Jealousy or lack of confidence

Jealousy or lack of confidence
 Jealous person is blind and selfish. Obeying this sense, it can mess things up a lot of negative actions, which will later regret. What actually is jealousy a sign of true love or the lack of confidence in a partner?  
 The main reason for jealousy is the desire to have a partner solely and entirely. But such possession is not possible, because the person is not a thing or a toy, which can be only one master. Doubt and mistrust break you, if the partner shows any indication of independence and desire to live his life. In order to avoid any suspicion of a partner established strict control, which often exacerbates the situation.

Why did the person has a need for such hard evidence of self-love? The first is low self-esteem. Deep down, you do not believe in what you can love. To believe this you need someone to constantly prove to you the sincerity of his feelings constant attention and care. Once the partner is distracted by their needs, then again there is a suspicion that his care and attention he gives to someone else other than you that you do not deserve.

Jealousy or lack of confidence is not nothing but a requirement of love. Jealousy is a constant subtext question: "If he loves, why do this to me? ". That is, initially there is doubt about the sincerity, and then the "extortion" feeling. Not worth it for the real selfishness? Think about this question.

To get rid of permanent distrust and jealousy, we must first start working on improving your self-esteem. When you love yourself, with all its shortcomings, the doubts about the sincerity of your partner will leave themselves. You will not feel that you are unworthy of love your partner and he accepts you for who you really are. And when no longer need "proof" of love, jealousy goes along with it.

In order to build a harmonious relationship with your partner think about the fact that you can give him, and not to demand. Giving love and affection unselfishly, you get them from a loved one in the form of multiplication. He will appreciate what you do for him and wants to take care of you the answer even more.

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