Jealousy: instinct or social emotions

Jealousy: instinct or social emotions
 Jealousy - it is instinct given to man by nature, or social emotions? Disputes about it do not cease. Proponents of the first embodiment are focused on the fact that jealousy is inherent in almost every person, therefore, it can be considered instinct. The same people who see only jealousy emotional behavior, do not agree. Their main argument: jealousy is not limited to the area of ​​the object of your adoration relations with the opposite sex. Quite often the wife jealous husbands to their friends, work, football, and the husbands of wives - to tescham girlfriend.
 Most likely, the truth lies somewhere in between. When, under what circumstances do arise that feeling? When a man sees his favorite moves away from him, not giving him enough attention, but even more so, is cheating on him. Resentment, a sense of wounded pride, outraged instinct of the owner, the thirst for revenge - all this instantly mixes and boils. Begin inquiries, criticisms, scandals. Well, if you do not reach more unfortunate consequences.

Quite often jealous suspicions are not baseless. For example, a man is going crazy, imagining that his wife went to her lover. Another would be delayed after work, and even in the morning, going, smartly dressed, longer than usual apply cosmetics, jewelry picked up. And her mobile phone stubbornly silent. Unusual, suspicious! In fact, corporate party was held on the occasion of the anniversary of the company, which employs wife. Of course, on this occasion was her beautiful dress and long romp with the guidance of beauty. Calls she did not hear because of the loud music and laughter. And to tell my husband about this party is simply forgotten.

Or just the opposite story: wife rushes, representing her husband in the arms of an insidious razluchnitsy. He spends time in the garage of a colleague to help him repair the vehicle. To warn his wife about this same thought superfluous: he that boy accountable at every step?

Of course, in fact, and in another case held reconciliation. True, after a rather tumultuous scenes and recriminations. But in the future, if we go on about their emotions, imagination raging again make these people suffer and angry. And will again scandals frayed nerves. Therefore, we must still keep yourself in their hands. After all, a strong jealousy - a subconscious fear of losing someone you love. One who is constantly jealous, thereby signs in their own inadequacy, unattractiveness, failure to keep a loved one. Is not it better to inspire me: "My suspicions and fears in vain, I have something to love! »

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