How to make a man jealous

How to make a man jealous
 If you want to make a man jealous of you, you can use different ways to do this. The main thing - do not overdo it, or risk damaging your relationship with your beloved.  
 Start a thoroughly ready for work. Wear bright, carefully combed and doing makeup. When your man will notice these changes, he wondered to whom you so dress up.

Spend more time with friends. Walk with them in cafes, cinema, exhibitions without her boyfriend. Do not pick up the phone when it rings. This will make him jealous.

Come home with flowers that can afford to buy themselves. Questions the man replied evasively that gave them a wonderful person.

Chat online with members of the opposite sex. Sit on the forums and in chat rooms, find old friends in social networks. Make it so that your man is found that you are friends virtually and flirted with other guys.

Show that you are flattering compliments made by you to other men in the presence of your beau. Smile and all kind show that you enjoy so much attention.

Houses do not leave your phone in sight, deliberately hide it. In addition, quit talking to him in the other room when you call, for example, Mom. You can pretend that it was not she.

Often tell my man, what favors you have colleagues or strangers on the street. Do it as if only want to amuse his anecdote.

Actively communicate with his friends, admire their merits and achievements. If you have a friend with whom you are meeting with hugs and kisses on the cheek, do not hesitate to do it in front of her boyfriend.

When coupled with watching a movie with the handsome actor to openly express their sympathy. Possible after the movie is over, put a picture of artist starring at your computer as a screen saver.

Make sure that all these games are not brought discord in your pair. Moderation in Actions Add Fire relations, but non-compliance measures can destroy them.

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