Three ways to teach him how to choose gifts

Three ways to teach him how to choose gifts
 A gift from my mother. And this from a friend. That's from my colleagues. Stop! And where is it from? Incredibly, the men are afraid to buy gifts to their women. It is in the moment of choice, they feel helpless and alone. What to buy do not know, and do not consult with anyone. Psychologists say that to often receive gifts, a man needs help. And there are a number of ways.

Do you want to always get those gifts you dream about? Help your man to learn how to choose them. Since psychologists claim that alter a man (and hence to retrain him to choose the wrong gifts) is not possible, connect the feminine wiles. Because in order to get from the beloved desired, it is necessary to hint to him. But not thin. Hint must be frank.

For example, you know that before the onset of any holiday your man breaking into a cold sweat at the thought that it will be necessary again to engage in the selection of a good gift. Oh no! Not just good, but the best gift. Therefore ease the life of his chosen one - make a list of desired show. It lists everything that you want most. However, what is most desirable to you, put it on the first place. It is not the fact that the man will read all your wishes to the end. And give it into the hands of the gentleman can not. Better to leave it somewhere in a conspicuous place. For example, at the dinner table. Man just will not pass by and be sure to read it.

You can also use a direct hint. To do this, you with your second half you need to get a shopping trip. And phrases like: "That would be me that! "" Do you think I need? "" Probably, these candies are delicious "- should be the main during shopping. A man will think that he realized what you want. And you will get finally, what have dreamed for a long time. You can also float and the method of burning eyes. In this case, you should have a very special view on the subject, which is the most desirable. Its none, even the most inattentive man does not miss.

Alternatively, you can try to teach him to give gifts and by their example. Give the man what he had long dreamed of. For example, some essential trinket for his favorite car. And you will see: he feels like it's nice to give another joy and make a retaliatory move. But the main thing is not to overdo it. If a man only likes to receive gifts, and the response does nothing alert. Psychologists say that most men give gifts of this kind, without gaining anything from him in return, can be exactly 2 times. If it does not come up, it is worth considering: "And if you need such a choice? »

The main thing - never use tears to achieve its goals. Men do not like women to fear and tears. So, he makes a gift of fear, not from the heart. And not the fact that after these performances, he will stay with you for a long time.

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