Especially sexual intercourse with foreign men

Especially sexual intercourse with foreign men
 If you are going to have a torrid love affair with a foreigner from Europe or America, you may be interested to know some of the features which show the representatives of each nationality in love relationships. Of course, everyone is different, but all the same, psychologists have identified a number of common types of behavior that can meet the inhabitants of the same country.

Of all the French say that during the assignation they gallant and attentive. They are romantic, prone to experimentation, from them you can confidently expect a beautiful novel. They surround you with affection, but the relationship may be short-lived.

Americans, contrary to popular belief, are quite conservative. Rapprochement they are not very easy, but as they say, kiss interesting and professionally. In bed, they prefer the "missionary" position and have little interest in experiments.

If you need a whirlwind romance with temperamental passionate man, stop your choice on the Italians. He just will not delay the intimate side of things, and you are waiting for all the elements of a beautiful courtship restaurants, flowers, gifts ... Having sex can and love several times a day, you will experience nor the incomparable affection. Also, residents of Italy very proud dignity and do not like to use condoms.

About the Germans, many believe that they are not very good lovers. From them, you'll never get romantic courtship and compliments, and in bed they are often rude and awkward. They constantly seek to prove their superiority, but quickly loses interest in his partner.

Inhabitants of Scandinavia is also not among the passionate lovers. They almost never make the first step in a relationship you have to be a major. However, they can become very loyal and trusted friends and constant companions of life.

The English love affairs are very strict, plus they are constantly striving to order in the relationship. Emotions, passions fire from them can not be expected. But interestingly, many Englishmen are highly prone to threesome.

Spaniards in bed - real bullfighter, capable woman deliver maximum enjoyment. Relationship with them is always passionate, hot and can easily escalate into a serious romance with a sequel.

Of course, it is not clear to judge a person only by his nationality. But common features can still help build the right course of action and to find a common language.

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