Why do men come back

Why do men come back
 People not only meet, fall in love and get married, but also separate. And now all the way, familiar notified and the property is divided. Ahead - new life. Only golden rule "Leaving - leave" is not always present. Sometimes the men returned. And they have my reasons.

Habit - second nature. When is lived more than a year together, it is very difficult to change everything in the bud. New house, new relationships, and other neighbors, and sometimes children new girlfriend only at the beginning seem wonderful and interesting. And then comes the understanding that such an established and predictable life was not so bad. The body is accustomed to your favorite couch, ears - to the familiar voice, and the legs themselves are to the old house. Old favorite habits - this is a very good reason to go back to his ex-wife.


Often a man enters noble and feeling guilty for the rupture of relations, leaving almost all the property of his ex-wife and children. These impulses are admirable. But after the initial euphoria passes from freedom, it turns out that comfort - not the last condition for a normal life. Sometimes, having lived with friends, casual acquaintances have, in rented apartments, semi-finished eating and going to the crumpled shirt, the man suddenly begins to realize that his life has not improved from the acquired freedom. Increasingly wife reminded that borscht and to cook., And sex is not denied due to lack of flowers and gifts. And he decides to come back.


Often to see something big and meaningful, you need to go away. Daily routine and dull the senses. It seems that love has passed, the wife has become almost a stranger who does not share her husband's new hobbies, and generally stouter and old. A strong desire to change your life with a head covering. And the care of the family is the most simple and correct decision. It was only after the time a man begins to realize that he had real feelings only to his wife. He understands that he was, it appears, is happy, but he ruined everything. Someone does not recognized the error and continues to struggle with feelings and destiny. And someone returns.

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