What men want their wives? Become for him ...

What men want their wives? Become for him ...
 The classic image of the ideal wife has long been known. Cute, attractive, caring and hard-working woman has always been considered a role model. But today's men are often seen quite different orientations.

Indeed, men's tastes and preferences in recent years undergone significant changes, creating a new image of feminine perfection in family life. If the ladies thrift paid is not so considerable attention, as domestic work is largely facilitated by modern appliances, by sexual attraction and special requirements. If you have previously required from women feigned levity, and sometimes, sorry for honesty and stupidity, but now "in vogue" intelligent and independent woman, bringing the house a decent salary. Examples of such a fair amount, but as far as character traits that men still want to see their wives affectionate, sympathetic, flexible and always beautiful. Any deviation from the fictional image of disappointing and sometimes even set up a negative way.

But how incomprehensible nor would seem limitless men requirements lawful wife, for her husband to become an ideal wife, nevertheless, really. And the more real this task is feasible, better and longer than the couple to know the character and preferences of each other. And if it is true that every woman living actress, the competent and casual game "in the ideal" becomes available and it is quite easy to carry.

However, there is always the danger of overuse game. If a woman constantly feels at some stage called "family life", she eventually runs the risk of losing his own face, put him away under a heap of good roles, and the "right" of his wife. And then the internal conflict between the real and the fictional personality will develop into a real stress, accompanied by irritation, complexes and dissatisfaction with himself. Of course, these factors will not benefit even the most steadfast and reliable marriage. And if the husband is not aware of the appeal and charm of the true identity of his wife, you should seriously think about the necessity of the game as a way to always be perfect for him, forgetting herself.

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