Techno, retro, uber - modern types of men

Techno, retro, uber - modern types of men
 According to sociologists, in the near future we will be able to watch the end of the crisis of masculinity, which will take into oblivion such now-familiar images of men as "sexy urbanite" metrosexual, unable to relax workaholic, touched by the noble gray rich "evromen" and "bohemian bourgeois" bobo. In their stead, our lives gradually come uber-, retro and tehnoseksualy.  

The term "uberseksual" owes its origin to the author of the book "Future Man", marketing consultant Maryann Saltsmen. «Uber» translated from German as "super". Accordingly, uberseksualny man is above the differences between the sexes. This type of man is able to be with a woman in equal partnership, not jealous of her success and achievements, appreciates a woman as a person, but it does not allow itself to be used. Uberseksual prefer smart and feminine women, charming and able to maintain a conversation in any company. He has many of the qualities of traditional "real man": heterosexual and energetic, loves good wine and cigars. The most striking uberseksualom author calls Bono, leader of the Irish rock band U2. Among other examples - George Clooney, Donald Trump, Pierce Brosnan, Bill Clinton and Brad Pitt.

In everyday life, such a person is irreplaceable: it will perform and "men" and "women's work", prepare dinner, without waiting for the arrival of his wife. As the person in charge, it will take as his wife's children from a previous marriage. Uberseksual has an elegant, but not sugary appearance, is able to care for themselves. It is positive, loves sports, interested in the life of society and politics. With its liberal views, he is ready to compromise. Indeed, what is not the perfect man?

Retroseksualy, or lovers of old values, appeared in opposition tirelessly caring about their appearance metrosexuals. A large number of men of this type can be found among middle managers. Bright "kinoprimer" - everyone's favorite Gosh in the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears". Retroseksualam like beautiful women who are watching and are capable of bizarre behavior. They welcome female bitchiness, more importantly, that the lady did not differ outstanding intellect and desire for career growth.

Men of this type is very courteous: not forget to hold the door in front of the woman to pay for it in a restaurant and give way to transport. When communicating with retroseksualami should be used feminine wiles, can afford to be weak or pretend such. Retroseksual way to make more money by applying for this minimal effort. He prefers spirits and expensive cigarettes, loves to sleep and eat, watching the fashion trends in clothing.

Modern "tehnoseksualnye" the stronger sex, named such for the first time in the seventies of the last century, look a little more civilized than their predecessors. Now they take care of their diet, can keep fit at the gym doing, and briefly donate virtual reality for a meeting with my girlfriend. But, as before, most of the time they devote to the study of electronic novelties, games and work on the computer.

Not surprisingly, the tehnoseksuala can attract only woman capable share his interests perfectly possessing terminology active interest in new technologies and improvements, pay bills via mobile phone and make purchases on the internet. Woman reshivshayasya to live together with tehnoseksualom will be "rewarded" exemption from many household chores, such as apartment men will certainly be filled with the latest technology. But despite this, it will reign eternal creative mess: it different wire parts and tools may be needed at any time.

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