Life together: personal space

Life together: personal space
 Own territory or spatial zone, which is under full control, perceived as a part of yourself. Natural instinct mark any invasion of personal zone, considering it as an attack, because each person is unique, different from the others and has a need for communication, love and personal space.

At a joint life together some critical distance, the observance of it can get rid of many future problems, because each of us are pretty close and a long chat with whomever was extremely tiring. And for some people simply unbearable. Reasonable coexistence of the two closest people can not be without distinction of personal space.

Sometimes there is a moment when you just want to be alone with him, to no one was that no one asked any questions. Intelligent and understanding partner will not be molestation in such a situation, he understands that you need time to think about something, take a decision or just to organize their thoughts. After ending the need to be alone with him, there is a desire to spend time with your loved one, you've already missed him. Now you can share something intimate and interesting that only enriches the relationship.

But when life is happy and the sun shines brightly, we all agree with a partner to share a part of personal space to discuss anything to do with daily activities. Since almost all people live, but with regard to rest, it is likely that sometimes you can relax and separately. There is nothing wrong with that man loves fishing, and a woman shopping trips. Such days can successfully be performed separately from each other.

Serious problems in living together leads lack of personal space, when people get used to do everything together and do not even go out of the house alone without urgent need, then automatically generates a heightened sense of custody of the second half, people gradually "block oxygen" to each other.

Therefore, young couples to start a family in the first place should think about what each of them is a person and instill dependence on his person the second person is not worth it. Let it also gets the full enjoyment of life together.

Everyone has their own specific favorite place in the apartment, it can be easy chair, standing near the window or the same table, on which "lives" cup of tea. Better not to encroach on the comfort zone of the second half, but if there is a common favorite places - to give each other. After all, if you are aware of the importance of purely personal space and time, it should be understood that the same should be tested and your partner.

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