Sex with the former: "for" and "against"

Sex with the former: "for" and "against"
 Former young man - all the same river, fast, foamy and inviting, to whose shores have molested other ships. Sometimes you want to take a step back, to feel the familiar hands, body odor, hugs. Man - but the former. At the same time close and so far away. Reasons for breaking up a lot of people, and the reasons for returning to the intimate relationship with a former lover once, twice, and a handful. Good or bad - everyone decides for himself, as long as this relationship, but rather the sex, was not a rake, repeatedly beating you on the forehead.

Parting can be easy, and maybe difficult, in both cases it leaves a trace. Next in the shower, or burning pain pleasant memories. It seems everything is over, vanished as suddenly - call, sms or a chance encounter on the street. Heart in heels, in the soul bird, and deep in the body increases the desire, tearing the mask of indifference. And you're ready to rush at full speed in a place familiar to both of you, to tear each other's clothes and surrender to passion. Stop. Now think. Sex with a former lover, if the violation diet. First you enjoy, and then remorse. Do you need it? Of course, in a burst of feeling "right reason" shift to the basic instincts. Passionate desire and irrepressible. What zht have sex with the former, as well as a coin, has two sides.

This is bad because:

- It stirs memories;

- Gives false hope for a new beginning;

- Takes time when you have to deal with the construction of a new relationship;

- There is a deposit, the feeling that you are used to meet the needs of nature;

- It makes it difficult to put an end to your novel;

- It can undermine your reputation.

Advantages of such a relationship:

- Meet their needs;

- It's convenient: what to look for someone for one night, when there is a partner that fully satisfied;

- It's an open relationship, passionate, there is no prohibition neither the desire nor on fantasy;

- Former young man very well you know, you have no reason to hesitate;

- An occasion to prove to myself and to him, what a treasure he had lost.

If we talk about the reasons that motivate such connection, mention may be nostalgia for the past, the desire to restore the relationship, lack beside her regular partner, elementary jealousy former partner, especially if he was the initiator of parting.

By agreeing to pleasure, answer yourself a few questions to you after not disappointed:

1. Would you like to resume relations?

2. Deliver to your pain this relationship?

3. What do you feel for your partner?

4. How to change your life, if you become a lover?

5. Is it hinders you start a new life?

If the answer is negative, it means that you simply use the services of a former lover, there is nothing wrong, now you're a cat, and he - the mouse. Otherwise, when you find it difficult to answer yourself, do not even pick up the phone, if the ex-boyfriend called again.

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