The right to love

The right to love
 Sociologists argue that there are women who, before the age of 40-50 years, and did not know what love is. The same can be said about men, but they manage to replace it with a sense of sexual attraction. Sometimes it is the same, that they are experiencing it to the only woman in the world, which in this case is their wife. Women in this respect is much more complicated.
 Many, of course, know the feeling of first love and romantic love, which even ended in marriage. But these feelings rarely live more than 2-3 years, especially when the child is born, start family routine. It turns out that watching in the mirror irreversible and inevitable changes, she understands that the true love of her life was not and is unlikely to be.

Life without love is meaningless, it is routine, gray days and the world, painted in black and white. Love gives people an incentive to become a beautiful and successful, to maintain its beauty, develop and conquer new heights. It is understandable that people, inspired by love, will not look gray creature mahnuvshim on her hand. See how easy his gait as burning eyes, as he is handsome.

Yes, it also happens in life that a woman is not met one who caused her to experience strong and deep feeling. If it has not happened in his youth, when due to lack of experience, you do not know how to notice the shortcomings, then every year it becomes more difficult.

Meanwhile, the right to love, regardless of age or marital status, or who can not be taken away. The fact is that love - the real magic. A person can experience a feeling not only to a person of the opposite sex, he can love their loved ones, friends, my job, finally, himself. And you should try to truly love only one thing, and that would be enough to love touched and everything else.

Somehow this simple secret few people know, even though it is obvious. Start with the simplest - self-love. Correct deficiencies that, do you think you spoil, engage with their appearance, development, physical fitness and health. Love yourself and you are converted and externally and internally. These changes are for anyone not go unnoticed. Around look at you with new eyes. Falling in love with yourself, you will begin to like and those who are near. Give my love to others, and you will always meet her on the way.

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