Records and statistics: 10 interesting facts about love

Records and statistics: 10 interesting facts about love
 Modern girls are considered the real experts in the field of love and relationships. They absorb tons of romance novels, articles about relationships and melodrama. They can talk for hours about love and try to work on loving relationships. It seems that they know about love and about facts and factors that are associated with it, very much. But no, surely there are many interesting things that do not know a wide range.  

Facts about love number 1: "The most famous wedding song."
The most popular love ballads in the world, selected newlyweds for their first dance is Everything I Do Bryan Adams. It is amazing but true ... about love.

Facts about love number 2: "The best cordial potion."
The main love potion is not wine and pomegranate juice. Scientists have shown that it is in the garnet contains the most vitamins and substances that affect hormone levels and cause passion, drive and desire to have sex.

Facts about love number 3: "The longest kiss."
The longest kiss lasting 31 hours, 30 minutes and 30 seconds was set in Britain and, of course, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Facts about love number 4: "The number of lovers."
Scientists have found that before a person finds his soul mate and comes with her marriage, he falls about 7 times.

Facts about love number 5: "The chemical reaction."
In the sweat of men contains a chemical element, which is able to attract women.

Facts about love number 6: "First Love".
According to statistics, two out of five men as his wife purchased their first love.

Facts about love number 7: "A cup of coffee."
Approximately 10,000 annually novels tied with a cup of coffee during the break.

Facts about love number 8: "The Last Kiss."
It is proved that husbands who kiss their wives before going to work, live 5 years longer than those who immediately run away without saying goodbye.

Facts about love number 9: "Engagement Ring".
The tradition of wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger of the right hand originated in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed that it was on this finger goes Vienna love, connected directly to the heart.

Facts about love number 10: "The proposal of marriage."
According to statistics, most of the proposals of marriage is on the Eiffel Tower and near it.

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