My favorite in the thrall of the Internet

My favorite in the thrall of the Internet
 Development of computer technology, which brought a lot of great things about our lives, on the other hand, contributed to the substitution of real human relationships virtual life in the network, capture most of the time. According to studies, the number of modern men caught in the insidious Internet is much higher than the figure for women.

Virtual threat to family happiness

The term "Internet addiction", which characterizes the addictive state that is a bad habit, and related to the field of psychiatry, appeared in the mid 90-ies of XX century. A characteristic feature of this dependence is a desire to move away from reality through the change in the state of mind and life position: there is a desire to get away from the specific current problems.

These dependencies may include alcoholism, drug addiction and compulsive gambling, which are effective means of escape from reality, while continuing human development as a person. Virtual space with its anonymity, which gives a sense of freedom, allows men to create the perfect image and opportunities to flirt, as well as live entertainment, such as games or pornography.

Thus, researchers have identified several types depending on the Internet:

- Kiberseksualnaya expressed in the need to meet through viewing sites with pornographic content;
- Game;
- Information;
- Constant desire to virtual acquaintances;
- Active participation in on-line projects.

Internet addiction has a negative impact on the psychological, social, economic and professional status of the individual men face the destruction of his family fortune.

To understand the causes of addiction, it is necessary to identify the main symptoms inherent in it:

- Disruption of normal sleep modes, power, personal hygiene, complaints of feeling unwell and strain;
- Neglect of real life and socializing with people, irritability when attempting to limit the time spent on the Internet;
- Lies in the answers to questions about the time, the reluctance to spend time everyday problems;
- Indifference to the events of family life, loss of interest in intimate relationships;

In accordance with these symptoms, the problems underlying the Internet addiction men can be:

- Interpersonal differences;
- Sexual problems, dissatisfaction;
- Financial problems;
- Lack or discomfort from contact with certain people in real life;
- The absence of other methods of self-realization and the removal of negative events and memories in reality;
- Lack of ability to control the reality of the situation;
- The lack of a positive assessment and praise in everyday life.

Among people with a predominant tendency to dependence on the internet, isolated shy, anxious, aggressive, introverted, with the problems of the vocal apparatus and physical ailments, a negative attitude to communication.

As you know, dependent people rarely recognize themselves as such, therefore, to preserve normal relations, the woman will have to take matters into their own hands, to help realize the benefits of the second half before the virtual reality.

It is necessary to avoid scandals and accusations, to understand the problems experienced by the man and discussing possible solutions, to help him in their implementation. It is necessary to try to revive the interest of men to a pre-existing hobbies or interest him in other occupations that require a sufficient amount of time. In the most severe cases may require specialist advice and group therapy.

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