How to restore a sense of

How to restore a sense of
 Even the hot flame can burn at all times with the same force. Similarly, with the human senses: the pair sooner or later there comes a time when the old love fervor begins to fade. Sometimes this process, unfortunately, irreversible and ultimately leads to the breakdown of relationships. But the mutual desire and effort, you can restore the old love, just moving it to a more "quiet" level. What should I do?
 Thoroughly and impartially analyze their own behavior. Do you always friendly and attentive to your partner? Alas, for some reason, over time, people are much more likely to begin to make each other claims, including for the most perfect piece of cake than to speak kind words, compliments. And it should be just the opposite. Saying "butter will not spoil kasha" just very well suited to this situation. Or "A kind word and a cat is nice." Try as it was before, to see in his "half" only the good. And if there is a need to criticize, express dissatisfaction - do it tactfully as possible, without prejudice to the vanity of man.

Not to stay at home. Even if you are very expensive your family nest, life should not be confined to its borders. By the way, very often caused by the cooling of relations is the fact that the husband and wife all the time in the four walls. Try more frequent visits to performances, concerts, exhibitions, sport events. Go to visit friends. Very helpful joint forays into nature with other married couples - hiking, picnicking.

If possible, at least from time to time, go to the foreign tour. New country, beautiful sights, romantic atmosphere, meeting new interesting people - all this surely stir your old feelings.

Make it a rule: complete candor, no innuendo, insults undercurrents. Even among very loving people may experience misunderstanding, quarrels, due to the fact that men and women just do not understand each other. The fact that different genders, respectively, different psychology, due to a large difference in hormonal levels. That is why what seems like a very important woman may seem negligible detail man. And vice versa. And hence the confusion, resentment, accusations of callousness, selfishness, hysteria. So remember: if any words or deeds partner you do not like, seemed offensive - immediately explain! Of course, quietly, without shouting and tears.

Very important intimate side of the relationship. Ardor honeymoon, of course, will not be, but still try not to turn the proximity to the conjugal duties. Do not hesitate to show looseness, a variety of sex.

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