How to behave when favorite decided to leave

How to behave when favorite decided to leave
 Love reward us with bright colors of life, gives you the opportunity to feel happy, gives the sensation of flying. So when she leaves, lost all meaning in life and becomes unbearably painful. The pain of separation from everyone, and everyone carries it in different ways.

Parting the case with every other person on the planet. It comes when you least expect it at all. And it can be seen, like, be as unexpected guest. In parting no heart, soul and he did not. He did not have given these "parts". Nobody likes. But it is, and is not going anywhere, caught somehow on this planet and not drive them out.

The most painful break experiencing the side that is not its initiator. The man who decided to end the relationship, psychologically ready for it, and the other gets his head on the tub full of ice water. Calmly tolerate it are the people who have warm feelings do not. But mostly, it's the strongest stress.

If you had to leave, then we must try to take it. Perhaps in the future will no longer separations. Be optimistic, things will get better. Optimism scare all that is so painful you manipulate.

First, bring all into a state of balance and order. To do this you need to calm down, pull yourself together and look deep into the soul itself. Give your senses will boldly: porydat, weep, yell. If you feel any better, you can break the dishes, break all his photos.

An excellent anti-stress medicine is Boxing "pear", but there is, unfortunately, not in every home. However, it is possible to find an alternative in the form of a simple pillow. The method proved! Rage and anger will be over!

With an absolute guarantee can say that figuring out the relationship with yourself, you do not avoid the tide of anger, which can greatly obscure reason. They will also be possible to get rid if the soul "people marked" "pear" or pillow.

When you calm down, ask yourself why it all happened, what caused the collapse of your relationship. Maybe they were not really as rosy, and the problem has long been ripe. And when the cup overflowed, poured out all your gap.

You have to remember a very important point: an awkward relationship with the participation of two people and destroyed, with the participation of both again. Therefore, the responsibility for the result should take on their shoulders not someone one, and together, even if one of the participants actively recognizes this.

Psychologists advise to approach the problem in the form of a "written work". To do this, take a sheet of paper and a pencil or pen, sit down at the table and let the grip of a painful but very important procedure.
Sheet is divided into three parts: the first part of the record what good you have lost with the departure of a loved one, the second - what good you are checking out of this situation, and the third - try to formulate their plans for the future.

Take care of those things, which are not enough ahead of time: start learning a foreign language, read their favorite books, get a hobby, join a gym. This will distract from unnecessary thoughts and feelings, and allow to tighten the figure, giving it the form of an alluring shape.

But be that as it may, your partner does not go to the other end of the world. You can find it in the store, on the street. Honestly ask yourself whether you want to appear in front of him as a bloated, pale "toadstool"? Hardly. And forcing "droop" of his jaw, you lift yourself self-esteem, cause a lot of pleasant experiences, and in addition to his soul Settle doubts about his decision to part with you.

There is a positive side to this problem: now is not there someone who unwittingly or wittingly constantly acted on your nerves. Remember that more than once he threw you for friends, football and doing rash acts without consulting with you. Understanding you can take and friends, and relatives.

Suppose there is now next to your mate, but does it mean and what is now beside you make room for the faithful and elect a new sense. But we should not treat the situation too lightly. Think about the cause of failed relationships, not to repeat these mistakes in the future

Try not to become bitter, did not think about revenge. It will not return her lover. You can try to revive the senses, but with the consent of your former mate. But if the feelings are finally died, attempts will be doubly painful and futile. Wisdom says: "love can not be." Let each other go to a new happiness. You deserve it.

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