How goes the love

How goes the love
 Where does the love? It would seem that yesterday everything was fine - you love one another, to be happy and making plans for the future. Today, everything starts to fall apart, and no other explanation other than "love is gone" you can not find. You crushed, frustrated and can not concentrate on anything, continuing to search for the answer to the question "why? ".

Very often, it seems to us that the love is gone, when feeling a bit tired of eating, and emotions are transformed into something more peaceful and stable. For some love - is always spouting volcano of emotions, and when he eventually dies down a bit (as it inevitably will), they will immediately begin to believe that love is all gone from their lives. This is not so. Think maybe you still love your chosen one, you just have become accustomed to it and no longer feel the euphoria? In this case, you can try to relight a favorite and bright feeling, a romantic dinner after spending the evening together, or to schedule a joint vacation. And sometimes vice versa becomes useful time spent apart - you will have time to get bored, come back from a business trip, a tourist trip, a visit to his parents, and saw a native person will understand that you love him, as before.

It would be nice if reason could only be bored routine. But there is another problem: someone in your couple can "grow" attitude. It is not uncommon. Too many couples break up because someone, for example, is already thinking about the family, and his other half is in the plans for the next 5 years while only clubs and parties. In this case, you should try to find a common hobby. If you can find some really interesting hobby, it will unite the two of you, allowing you to either "reach out" to the level of partner, or he to you.

And another option, why can "get away love." She can go, because you or your loved one met another, more interesting person, one that is more suitable at this stage of life. No matter how it was sad, that's life. Unfortunately, the advice is do not give any. If it really happens, and the love between the two of you has faded, nothing can be done about it. Remember that whether it is possible to revive what is still a little bit alive. And try to save the relationship has long been dead - absolutely useless thing. It does not matter whether you gone love or just eclipsed routine - it is important to always strive for the best. If you stand still, does not evolve and does not give any movement your relationship, sooner or later they will die, die like any flower that is not watered. Be reasonable and do everything in your power to a small fire your great love never waned!

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