Checks or shy?

Checks or shy?
 From any simple question can be a problem. Relations between the sexes - is just such a region where the basic things into being the frightening complexity. Passive partner can be suspected that he was not just shy behave more actively, and waiting to see the behavior of the chosen meticulously evaluating his every action.
 Fear of ruin everything one awkward words or actions are very often present in the early stages of a relationship. Partners are trying to show their best to convince the elect that choice is made correctly. Stress is compounded by the thoughts that you continually evaluate, and you need to pass this "test" with dignity.

Shy partner can go to the contact is not too active, then there is an assumption that you have arranged a test. But, actually, it does not matter whether you check people (male or female) or he just shy to be more open. Much more important, what goals it pursues, and at the same time as you feel.

Make no mistake: every man always relates the behavior of others with their own system of values. It analyzes how you look at the views and preferences. Sometimes it happens consciously, sometimes - subconsciously. And there's nothing frightening. Check all pass. Based on the findings, and there is a selection: fit - does not fit, like - not like.

But if you begin to suspect that your partner started a game and just watching to see how you lead yourself in a particular situation is likely the way it is. And then you should think about whether you want to build a relationship in which you constantly have to control yourself and be the guinea pig. You do not know the rules of the game and can become worse at any moment. This is not the fun and excitement of love, and stress on the body.

Ask questions. Interest among the elect, what he expects in a given situation. Be friendly and natural. And do not try to conform to the standards which do not suit you. Just take the initiative in matters in which your partner hesitates. The fact is that you can not long be under the gun evaluation and still return to its habitual patterns of behavior. If it is not acceptable for the partner, your relationship, and so will be doomed. If your activity will elect to overcome their own fears, your relationship will become stronger.

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