As part Man

As part Man
 Any relationship - a segment that is limited to two points - complication and denouement, the beginning and the end, meetings and partings. And if you start relationships usually romantic and beautiful, the finish is often left in the soul of painful memories, which does not want to come back.
 Suffering is inflicted by two harmful extremes: impulsiveness and indecision. Impulsivity - a factor abrupt and hasty breakup. Meanwhile, anger, resentment momentary - bad advisers. If you succumb to emotions suddenly broken out, you can lose a person to part with that, you may have to regret for life. Poisonous cocktail of resentment and pride spawned many fatal actions, crippled many lives. That is why the decision to leave must necessarily be balanced. Go to the rupture of relations only if "for" votes not only disturbed heart, but also a sober mind.

In addition to unnecessary impulsiveness meets and other extreme indecision. The girl is ready to maintain a relationship with the wrong guy, just not to be alone. Forgives him of abuse, neglect, betrayal, and addictions, crying into my pillow. Fear of being alone in her mind masquerades as a painful love. Way out of this situation - increase self-esteem. Locate the area where can realize and achieve success. When firmly stand on his feet, wants to abandon destructive and traumatic relationship as unnecessary load, pull down.

Finally, if the decision is made about the separation, it is up to how to implement it. There should exercise tact and wisdom. No matter accumulated between you and the guy at the time of separation negative, or you let go of each other with a light heart. Let the last note of your overall music is upbeat. Keep calm, do not hurt each other. What is, if everything has been decided? Arrange farewell romantic dinner. Let that beautiful start, end up as beautiful.

You can not throw a person with whom you shared all the moments of sorrow and joy of his life, like an unnecessary waste. Appreciate yourself and your life. None of it will not happen again momentarily. So are these moments must be quarrels, swearing, insults? Be wiser. Consider the fact that every person comes into your life for a reason. Even if the heart is wounded betrayal in his heart - a pain, get power peacefully and respectfully talk to the guy that was good in your relationship, and what went wrong. If you reopen the wound is too painful, just discuss your plans for the future and wish for a happy journey.

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