Are you angry, it means you're wrong

Are you angry, it means you're wrong
 Are you angry, it means that you are not right - this phrase has been told 18 centuries ago, but it has not lost its relevance today. And really, why at the moment when a person is angry, he wants to vent their negative emotions on who was next? It is very difficult to keep anger but it is frequently necessary.
 Often you can hear that mental health is bad to keep emotions in yourself, you need to throw out them, even if it is anger or rage. This is both right and wrong. Of course, you need to throw out, but not on others. It is best to try to be alone: ​​how to thrash pillow or express everything that had accumulated in my soul, a chair, but do not yell at people and not to quarrel with them.

People are angry for different reasons. Problems at work, at home, bad weather, nothing in the morning does not add up, malaise, children and even the whims of many kinds of occasions. Often very difficult to restrain. But if the temper - a character trait that a person receives from birth, possession of a - it's something that can and should work. Do you lose control, give up the power of negative emotions or will control the situation, depends on you.

Do not think that those who are not angry and screams, do not exhibit their negative emotions are "rags." Quiet people cause the greatest respect from others. If someone knows how to control himself in any situation, that person has the reputation of a balanced and adequate, it is very respected.

How to learn to deal with your anger? To close that people can communicate with you without harm for themselves without fear of attacks at the moment when you have bad mood, you need to learn to deal with their emotions. If you showed incontinence, the way a person may behave, you can not blame him, saying that you provoked. Understand for yourself that the other person can not manage you.

You must realize that the only person in the world, capable to bring you to a state of anger - is you. That you master your emotions, no one else. You provoked? But this only means that you have succumbed, and went on about the provocateur. No need to look guilty. Aware of their responsibility.

If tantrums happen to you in certain circumstances, try to identify them. Some particularly irritable after a complicated operation, for example, returning from a night shift. Try to reduce the stimuli to a minimum, monitor their condition at this time more carefully. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Instead of blaming others or yell at them if they do something wrong, calmly talk to them when your emotions poulyagutsya. Explain to close due to the fact that their behavior annoys you. Remember that if you step out of yourself, saying a such, what then for sure you will be sorry. Rage and anger put you in the eyes of others is not at its best.

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