5 facts about infidelity

 Often ends up flirting cheating, which, in turn, entails an extremely unpleasant consequences. Famous psychologist Ragnar Beer study was conducted, in which surveyed 2,600 people (men and women) ever cheated on his second half. Based on these results were compiled five facts about infidelity.
 Fact №1: «duration of betrayal is much more than one night"

Thanks to this project was to destroy the myth that classical intrigue betrayal is long in one night. Only 12% of women and 15% of men who have changed, could afford such an adventure. Approximately 60% of respondents link on the side lasted for more than 1 month, and 30% of these relationships lasted longer than 6 months.

Fact №2: «Treason is a continuation of the story"

Those who change, do it not once. Only 49% of unfaithful men and 55% of unfaithful women first betrayal was the last. 17% of men have changed twice, 12% - three times, and 22% - more than once. Women from men are not far behind with 20% of men cheated a second time, 10% - 15% and the third "cuckold" more than 3 times.

Fact №3: «The reason for treason is silence on sexual desires"

Boredom and silence - these are the main reasons that partner seeks pleasure on the side. The study found that only 31% of unfaithful women and 25% of men shared with their partners sexual desires.

Fact №4: «About betrayal is always someone to tell"

"The secret always becomes clear." 44% of deceived men and 46% of women have learned about the change on their own partner. 30% of deceived men and 24% of women have learned about it from the partner. 3% of men and 6% of women have learned about the betrayal of strangers. 21% of men and 19% of women have learned about the change by accident.

Fact №5: «Treason is not forgotten"

Hope that you can forgive and forget infidelity, was not confirmed. 43% of deceived men and 61% of women have not been able to forgive infidelity, even after 6 months. 11% of men and 20% of women after 6 months to feel that love turned to hate.

The basis for a successful relationship is sexual satisfaction partners. You need to work on the field of sexual and talk about their concerns and desires. Of course, this is not easy, but if you want to be happy, you have to try.

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