10 facts to select the perfect girl

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 She or it - to understand is ideal if you like a girl, a man helps a number of factors. They will tell him all about this lady. Psychologists advise not to be lazy and to carefully consider the girl, which fell your opinion. If she has 10 qualities that men like it - ideal!

The first thing you pay attention to most men - the color of the hair. And not the fact that men like blondes. Now in vogue are increasingly brunette. After all, they are women bright, noticeable and catchy. In addition, the label "stupid" to them well, not glued.

Necessarily the ideal woman should take care of their appearance. Therefore, if the street you see a beautiful, tastefully dressed woman, you know: it's perfect. For such women, even if it is in the rain and wind, which pulls from her hands some things will still own line silhouette, shapes, etc.

From the way she dressed, it's easy to understand, neat or not. After all, for a man so important that the woman was neat. This means that in detail, and in a relationship with this man, it is the same accurate, attentive and caring.

The ideal woman has a unique flavor. And it will not bust with perfume or scented water. In an ideal ladies lightweight, barely audible fragrance that lasts for her train. At the same time it is light, unsaturated and pleasant.

Diffident women can not get someone's attention. Therefore, if you feel that she is self-sufficient, has a purpose in life and quite successful, it could mean only one thing - it is ideal. With such a woman talk endlessly pleasant, as it is always lovely, polite and smiling. Yes, and keep the conversation going for it is not a problem. As a rule, the ideal - a very educated and intellectually savvy.

The woman who stands out from the crowd, has the most flavor that attracts everyone's attention. And most importantly, it is elusive, as the unsolved mystery. And that is what attracted her to the others.

The ideal woman should talk low, blurred voice. Of course, this lady will not swear and gossip. At the same time, men do not like women jealous and grumpy, those who discuss everyone.

Figure ideal lady should be the same flawless, like herself. Harmony, harmony and once again harmony throughout. After all, it means that the woman is worried about how she looks, therefore, next to a man will always be well-groomed and beautiful lady.

Makeup perfect girl, discreet, but clearly emphasizing all the basic dignity. The main rule of the perfect woman - no abuse. But a complete lack of makeup and men do not like it.

And of course, the ideal woman - understanding woman. This will always understand a loved one, if he goes to meet with friends, go fishing or spend all their weekends in the garage. After all, it means that she is caring and tender, and it is easy to rely on in difficult times. In this case, the ideal woman should possess extraordinary sense of humor.

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