10 facts about you that are not necessary to know the man

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 Even the woman who above all appreciate the sincerity in relations, it is necessary to understand that some things about it do not even need to know the beloved. Moreover, sometimes girlfriends can tell you that for a lover or a husband must remain secret.
 Beauty requires sacrifice

Do not let a man know what you're doing to look great. Do not need to appear before him on the face with a mask applied and cucumber slices on the eyes, unless you want it to shock.

Past mistakes

Your relationship with your previous partners for the most part should keep secret. Especially a woman does not have to disclose the fact that before she allowed questionable sexual experiments, changes and so on. And about his lost love to other men is better to keep silent.

Personal Care

The man, of course, will know the fact that women are monthly, but the details of it is better not to devote. Use pads and tampons discard that they never get to your blagovernomu eyes.


Let men remain unknown to the fact that you may like cute actors, singers or even acquaintances young people. Do not talk about it, or you may break a quarrel or a man will doubt bitter at your expense.


The fact that a woman can also be the owner of some men is unknown. Not to recognize in his jealousy, especially if there is a risk that a young person wants to strengthen it.

Relatives as unpleasant addition

Do not tell a man like you annoy his family, at least for the time being. This will avoid major scandals.

All Beauty

The fact that only one set of your mascara and nail files are a lot of money, the man does not need to know. So we should not disclose how much it costs a campaign in the beauty salon.

Love on the side

Do not tell me about how you have to reject the tender courtship colleagues or other acquaintance of a young man. Let the fact that you have someone in love, will remain a mystery for your men.

Bag of tricks

When a woman has only met a man, avoiding intimacy, he should not know about such tricks as using slimming underwear and bras, visually increases breast.

Mother-in-law and son-in

Mother-in-law, even if the potential is not always chosen loves his daughter, but he does not know about it mandatory. It is especially important to refrain from retelling the filth that my mother has talked about your missus.

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