What if he likes men ...

What if he likes men ...
 It's a shame when a loved one goes to another man. Leave the woman gnaw doubt she is haunted by that new passion may be prettier, smarter and more interesting to her. However, it happens that the chosen one ex-boyfriend becomes another man.
 In this situation it makes no sense to blame themselves and think that you were so bad that you would prefer a man. Scientists have not reached a consensus about the nature of homosexuality. Some believe that it is an innate preference, which appeared due to a mutation in the genotype at the stage of fetal development, while others think that the tendency to its floor is formed in childhood under the influence of environmental factors. In any case, your guilt for what man has come to play for another team, no.

Russian society in the vast majority still has a negative attitude towards gays, so many people prefer to hide their orientation, have mistresses, and sometimes wives. In this case, you can reward your former epithet, which the common people call homosexuals, but not for orientation and for what use you for their own purposes.

It may be that the person with whom you are in love, bisexual. He fell in love with you, and after some time, met a man with whom he had a love affair. Situations in which the partners to part with their halves and find other, are very frequent. In your case only changed the characters, but the result is the same.

How to respond to a situation depends only on you, your attitude to same-sex unions, and your sense of humor. Can laugh at absurd twists and turns of fate and remain friends with her ex and his new hobby. In this case, you will have and with whom to go shopping, and the two men who if anything can and fix the faucet, and throw in a car. You can forget a relationship with ex-boyfriend like a bad dream and forbid friends and family to use his name in your presence. The only thing you should not do is to try to bring the former. If he really likes men, all your efforts to instruct a traitor on the right path is doomed to failure.

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