Peter Pan Syndrome: learned her boyfriend?

Peter Pan Syndrome: learned her boyfriend?
 A book about the adventures of Peter Pan read a few, but a Hollywood movie looked almost everything. Remember the story about a boy who did not want to grow up? Unfortunately, many men are an exact copy of this fabulous character.

What has been the Peter Pan syndrome and correspond to this description is your man? Let's face it. The main feature of the character of the protagonist of the tale - his refusal to grow up. He did not want to be serious and responsible and all the friends attracted to his fun. He indulges in jokes on others, he can not be charged an important task. He is not reliable. But while Peter Pan will always come to the aid of friends. He is ready to intervene in any trouble, maintain the boldest initiative. And this is his positive feature.

 Learned her boyfriend? On the one hand, there is nothing wrong with that. If a man is young, he can settle down later. And by the age of thirty to become a responsible father of a beautiful family. Only if you are ready to wait so long? If not, try to change the situation. Talk with your young man, ask him about priorities in life. What is more important to him - a strong relationship, or hanging out with friends. If a man thinks about the answer or away from the conversation, most likely, he likes love without commitment. And expect him to a family in the traditional sense of the word is not worth it. If you wish to continue dialogue and meetings about your boyfriend as a temporary stage in life. Do not tune into permanent feelings. Connect with new people. Did you find a man ready for a strong bond and marriage.

 When a man has already passed thirty years abroad and it does not raise his seriousness, his character change is unlikely to succeed. Even if he ever marries, the first place he would have friends, entertainment, communication. It will go away on weekends from home to rock concerts, to disappear in the night races and all in the same spirit. Wife will hang on parenting, home improvement, all domestic issues. With this attitude to life to build a successful career of a man is unlikely to succeed. Its quite satisfied with the status quo, he does not want to change. Cramped apartment and meager wages is not an obstacle antics of an aging boy. But if he happened to be at home, it is always something to entertain the kids. They will play in the Indians and turn everything upside down. Or arrange a pillow fight. This is all what a cheerful dad. If you are satisfied with this situation, so it's really your significant other. And relationships are strong and long. If being a mom to her husband is not included in your plans, do not choose for a permanent relationship of men with the syndrome of Peter Pan.

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