New boyfriend - how to decipher

New boyfriend - how to decipher
 Every new relationship fraught with a variety of perspectives and scenarios, and each new partner can be a lifelong companion or go to the "country" neglected and abandoned boyfriends. So at first dating so desperately want to look into his soul, to understand and recognize your other half or a disappointment to leave.

Probably, many had to experience the charm of the early days of dating: beautiful and delicate courtship, flowers and compliments, always accompanying a romantic date. But when the logical end of this rainbow period, gradually turning into a smooth and moderate band relations, float on the surface of previously unseen features and characteristics of a new friend, and with them the natural female doubt the right choice.

And these doubts, alas, many women try to seek help and the response from the always sympathetic relatives, true friends and even frivolous women's magazines. With the latter is often meaningless, because usually offers elegant luster to the different types of men, trying to classify and catalog no primates and insects, as human beings, so different from each other. And for the savvy modern woman would be completely unnatural to use such allegations to whether a man to a certain type in real life.

However, the track is most clearly manifested features of the new boyfriend and compare them to your own taste and temperament quite possible. It is important to feel how comfortable long time to be in his company as a variety of topics of common interest. In the society of his chosen woman should feel free, without a shadow of tightness and stiffness, and it is a solid guarantee of strong long-term relationships.

Equally important are factors such as household compatibility, the coincidence of the biological clock, common aspirations, beliefs and ideas about the true values ​​of life.

But what is important, not necessarily at the same time only to notice the similarities, because that differences make mutual fascination couple really solid and durable. No less wrong and unethical to list and record the more advantages and disadvantages of the chosen, as advised many family therapists. These lists could lead to the collapse rather than the strength of the future Union.

But the most important and probably the only criterion should be their own feelings. After all, if love is strong and mutually who are interested in tips "experienced" respectable psychologists and other "well-wishers".

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