Man for hire

Man for hire
 In modern life real feelings sometimes does not leave any space or time. Sincerity, tenderness and loyalty requires intimacy and "loss" of time for communication and knowledge of each other, but it is, as you know - money. Therefore rarely anyone can make trouble partner "rent." One ladies have no one to visit important corporate event, another lack of intimacy with the opposite sex ... Man "rent" - who he is and who provides services?

Demand creates supply. Therefore, the dispute about the immorality of such services are absolutely meaningless. You can while away the evening in anticipation of a prince on a white horse, and you can treat yourself to easy communication with the nice man at any convenient time for you. It's not just about sex. The list of "services" provided by the ladies, is quite wide. In addition to the pleasures of love, a gigolo can act pretty high status indicator at social events can entertain you talk about the landscape painter at the table of the restaurant, to charm school girlfriends at the annual meeting of graduates and make them jealous of you courageously will accompany you during a five-hour shopping, not trying to escape quickly home to comfortable sofas and a plasma TV.

 Why do men not against the pass itself on the "for rent"? Because it is a very easy way to earn money. And besides, have fun, contrary to popular belief that their female clients are ugly, useless, but a successful business woman and bored wives of oligarchs. Successful business women always smart and tidy, just her little time to look for a well-read, intelligent, romantic, tastefully dressed and thus free man of her dreams. It is realistic and understands that to pay for the ideal program without flaws easier than finding it in the big city.

 Why else would a woman makes a choice in favor of men "hire"? Because he wants to be admired and envied by other passionately of her sex. To everyone thought it special and really happy. Yet it lacks a little magic. A woman wants a man to meet all of her ideas and did not have significant drawbacks. At least for one night.

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