How to make a man get off the couch

How to make a man get off the couch
 Wives often complain that their husbands - passive and lazy creation, the fifth point which merged with sofa, and hands - with remote control and a bottle of beer. Why is this happening and how to get the man she loved to perform their duties?
 Modern women do not get tired less than men, because they not only kept the household and the upbringing of children. Most of the ladies working alongside men, adding to the family budget. However, after a hard day's wife tidies the house, washing dishes, cooking dinner, washes, engaged with the child, and sometimes even perform the duties typical male, while faithful husband lying on the couch watching TV, tired and haggard.

Most often, women are to blame for this behavior of the stronger sex, spoiled his chosen from the beginning of the relationship. "Lie down, I'll do everything myself, relax and do not strain yourself, my dear," - these sacred words, which was followed with great pleasure your partner in life. He was accustomed to the fact that you do it yourself, without his participation. And, perhaps, he has no idea how much you get tired. So tell him that you do not have moral and physical strength in order to independently perform all household duties. Just try to do without high tones, demands and ultimatums. Let your speech will sound like a sweet request.

Even better, if you agree, what chores will fulfill every one of you. Try to make sure that the load is distributed more or less equally, depending on which one of you really leaves more forces at work. Do not try to impose on his shoulders all the female role, especially if he is not able to fulfill them. But at least her husband teach the basics of cooking and childcare is still worth it, it will not be superfluous.

If you want your favorite rose from the couch and do something a little more useful, try to interest him. For sure you will not be difficult to motivate the elect, and most importantly, your desired result is achieved as soon as possible. Be creative, make variety in your everyday relationships. Do not forget that every man in the soul continues to be a little naughty and mischievous, which must be directed in the right direction.

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