How to identify deception

How to identify deception
 Unfortunately, not all partners are honest in a relationship with someone you love. Recognize the deception is not easy, as from the second half do not expect a dirty trick, do not try to understand some inconsistencies, opens fully. And dishonest people successfully use such credulity.
 Psychologists conducting research revealed that most people cheating companion, avert their eyes in the upper left corner. This is due to the fact that it is left in the human brain is imaging area. And a liar involuntarily drawn to her to come up with a non-existent details. Therefore, talking with a partner, carefully follow his gaze.

Remember lie hard, and it seems that there is no point to remember all fantasy. On this you can catch a partner. After a couple of weeks and a month is better to ask again about the situation that you seemed fictional. For example, if your favorite came home after midnight, smelling women's perfume, and explained all the hectic activity at work, after a while ask how to deal with the complex project. If it was a hoax, the man did not immediately remember what it was about, STTS will start coming up with excuses.

Deceiving, people often come up with bright, colorful details. For example, for the salvation of the old woman from under the wheels of the truck, how brilliantly he spoke at the meeting, having achieved the arrangement boss that hit the police because they protect the girl from bullies. Of course, something can be true. But often such cinematic history come to mind when you want to hide is low, not very honest thing to do.

The other side of cheating, on the contrary, secrecy. Partner does not respond directly to questions when you call him on the phone, do not call you by name, quickly turns the conversation. Or mobile device permanently disabled. Then this is due to the fact that the battery has. Yes, the battery may run once or twice. But this does not happen constantly! Talk with your loved ones. Most likely, he had something to hide from you. And just talking one-on-one help to find out his real attitude to you.

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