How to change yourself for a guy

How to change yourself for a guy
 Sometimes, to keep the attention of men, women need to change something in yourself - the behavior, appearance, demeanor, etc. There is nothing to be ashamed of - all people are imperfect, each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.
 If your guy is worthy to decide on fundamental changes, then proceed to action. To get started, try to clarify all - ask a question right guy. Find out what it is in you is not satisfied. And though the guys to such questions prefer not to answer, and come up with excuses different occasions in order to end the conversation, try to cause it to be frank. Those who cherish your relationship, make an effort and will tell you that they want to change. Sometimes it is easy to guess about it, and most - just take a closer listen to his words, study the response to their actions, clothing or hairstyle.

With the appearance is usually simple - find out what type of women he was attracted, watch the reaction to the famous beauties, girls friends, etc. If his preference not contradict your inner attitude, try a new hairstyle, make-up, change or start to wear the clothes that you like the guy. Typically, these experiments make men take a fresh look at the women - they suddenly find that a number of them sexy and charming girl, which pay attention to foreign men. Or, conversely, rejecting war paint and aggressive behavior, you show yourself this guy - a gentle, sensitive and affectionate.

Worries about the figure sooner or later visit any girl. It is not necessary to bring your fan into a frenzy with questions about how full you look - just sit on a diet, join a gym, start jogging in the morning. And if your man likes women with forms, it might be worth to take time off from the radical diets.

The girl should be active and curious - do not completely dissolve in your favorite, live your life. Sacrifice almost never leads to mutual happiness, and unsatisfied ambitions can be great to lower self-esteem. Communicate, get carried away, learn new things - make your life fun and interesting. Let the guy proud of your achievements, share your successes and initiatives - you will always be fun, and it is unlikely he will want to look to someone else.

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