How to attract the attention of a young man

How to attract the attention of a young man
 Sometimes it happens that the girl liked the young man. Of course, she wants to, and he was filled with her the same feelings. But the guy hard not to notice her favors. Open also take the lead girl is not solved, whether due to the nature and character education, whether for fear that it may deem it frivolous. How can we attract the attention of the guy?
 First of all, try to collect as much information about the subject of your dreams. What is his character, habits and hobbies. Watch it from the outside, look around mutual friends and acquaintances. It may well happen that you eventually concluded that this man does not approach you, it is better not to waste time. If you, on the contrary, only confirmed in his sympathies to him, the information gathered will help you.

Find a pretext to as if by chance, accidentally caught his eye. Try to keep it in any case does not look as if you are walking behind him. Absolute majority of men flatters attention of the fair sex, but everything is good in moderation. Obsession they can not stand.

If you can (again, under the pretext) to engage him in conversation on a topic that is interesting to him - I think that made a very important step. Now only depends on you, the guy felt: this girl clearly stands out, it is worth paying attention to. Try to immediately produce a favorable impression on him. Taste and reasonable moderation - here are your allies. Remember that too bright, "flashy" makeup, mini-skirts and too deep neckline, elaborate hairstyles and the like - all this will scare most normal guy, rather than attract.

Do not forget that any representative of the stronger sex instinctively appreciates his favorite girl by: "And will it be a good wife and mother? "The determination of the" good "guy associated with the words" good "," moderate "," understands "," caring ". Try to behave in such a way that the young man was convinced that you have precisely these qualities.

Remember that there are things that no self-respecting guy is not just a girl, even if she told him very much. For example, if a girl treats him contemptuously. In no case did not raise his voice to not show that you're not interested what he says. Learn to listen carefully without interrupting.

Also remember that boys are less emotional. If he does not hurry with the assurances of love, it does not mean that you care about him. Judge about his feelings for, and not by words. He began to take the initiative to meet? He is trying to do something to help? Has your attentions? You obviously liked it!

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