How to attract his attention

How to attract his attention
 Once it so happened that the first interest is to show a man, a girl can only wait when he takes the initiative. If you can not break the tradition, then you just have to get his attention and provoke a more intimate acquaintance, leaving the full confidence that it was only his decision.
 Watch the guy from afar, learn his habits and hobbies. It will be easy if you are somewhere constantly meet: learn together or go to a gym. Gently ask for him by his friends and acquaintances. Make it so that they told the details of his life, did not show much interest. Please be patient and do not force events, yet try not to draw his attention to the person, the better you prepare, the probability of success will be higher.

After collecting enough information and know him better, analyze it - how you close to his interests and hobbies. If you do not really share them, perhaps in an attempt to strike up a close acquaintance and makes no sense. In that case, when you are clear and close, express interest in his hobbies and separate them.

Once you get the first knowledge, you probably have questions that require clarification. In this case, your appeal for advice will look quite natural. At the same time, try to communicate with them in a manner that does not scare him and allow to shine: Do not be too aggressive and assertive. Do not interrupt and listen carefully to everything that he tells you. Let him feel in you a good conversationalist, congenial and hobbies, with whom you can discuss the issues you are interested in both.

Believe me, for a man it is not so little. Quite the contrary - the girls with whom you can talk like that, meet infrequently. Consider that it is at least 50% success rate. Do not completely rebuild their habitual behavior and image, but slightly adjust them under his tastes, at least at first, as he was not used to have. Try not to show his eccentricity, giddiness and moodiness - these character qualities men are willing to tolerate and even admire them, but from what they already love.

And do not worry if you do not get your partner or a closer acquaintance will disappoint you. But you have learned techniques of communicative behavior that will help you better assess their capabilities and to understand people.

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