Sex outside the home: Tips and Warnings

Sex outside the home: Tips and Warnings
 Feel that the relationship is no longer the former spark? Passion not tremble the knees and butterflies in the abdomen? If sex has become a "conjugal duty" line schedules between dinner and bedtime, then it's time to freshen up the relationship. Total bed certainly come in handy for a night's rest, but for having sex there are more interesting places.

Classics of the genre - to indulge in amorous pleasures in the car. Sex in the backseat of the car was very popular among American youth still in the middle of the last century. Advantages are obvious: in addition to the chance to partake in the Western tradition, you can easily and quickly move to a secluded corner, and then at the same rate to return to work or home. Ideal if desire flared at lunchtime. It is worth remembering the curious passers-by and law enforcement officers, so you can make love only in the car with tinted windows, and after driving away from the busy streets.

Popular for sex and sex out in nature. What could be more beautiful than to merge in unison with your loved one at Twitter and birds singing? Besides, this way you connect with pleasure, because people living in the city sorely lacking fresh air. However, choose a dry clearing away from water bodies, so as not to become a victim of mosquitoes and other insects unfriendly. In any case, grab and a special spray.

Heroes of Hollywood films often make love in an elevator. This is a good option for those who agree on very quick sex. The Action Plan is simple: you climb to the top floor, then pinch the button "Stop" match, so no one could call it. Of course, to use the lift for personal purposes rather late at night, when the rest of the tenants are already busy watching TV or even sleeping. Otherwise, you risk a long time to catch on his sidelong glances neighbors.

Fitting clothing store also can be turned into a love nest. Choose a store with a spacious hall and a large flow of customers to the saleswoman had no time to smell a rat. Type in a whole heap of clothes and - forward. But be careful: do not look for the strength of the walls, holding the curtains - otherwise you can easily end up in the next stall.

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