As a trusted loved one

As a trusted loved one
 Trust - this phenomenon is complex and ambiguous. Without it, there can be no intimacy and true love. Therefore it is very important to learn to trust a loved one, especially a loved one, but it is not so simple.
 Of course, your friend will not be held responsible for your past. If you've ever been burned in love, it does not mean that all men are the same. You have to give the guy a chance to prove that he is your spouse.

You can not blame a partner in what he did. If your man is talking to some woman or forgot to call, then that's no reason to think ill of him and blame lies. People do not like to be constantly suspected something. Few people are going to live with a suspicious person.

If a loved and did not think to change you, then the constant jealousy can cause it to break a relationship. You can lose a guy because of some ridiculous statements.

Study the behavior of a loved one to know: trust a man or not. Listen as he speaks about other people. If your friend makes fun of ex-girlfriends, gives away the secret of his friends, someone pours dirt behind him, then your partner simply dishonorable. If he speaks of the "former" Only good can store secrets, such a person is trustworthy.

Pay attention to the inner world of man with whom I communicate. Acquainted with his views on a particular issue, learning about hobbies, interests, tastes, you can get closer and create a relationship of trust. Showing interest in the guy you call sympathy response from the opposite sex.

However, you should not spend all their time together and share all his aspirations. After all, you have a friend with whom you want to talk about topics that are not intended for men's ears. And one wants to look for ways to solve certain problems that can be discussed only with friends.

Think positively. Psychologists say that some of the girls themselves are programming yourself on lies and deception. And if you ever accumulate a grudge against those guys who betrayed him, another man appears. You - the victim, which subconsciously attracts new women traitors. Thus, a vicious circle, which is becoming increasingly difficult to break.

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