Your actions with his eyes

Your actions with his eyes
 There are universal principles of behavior, and there are things, the nature of which corresponds exclusively to gender. Man woman evaluates actions based on their male life principles, and sometimes women look in the eyes of men totally misunderstood.

Every man unconsciously always looking for his perfect woman, that he might say. He instinctively like women of a certain type, a certain physique, with a certain tone of voice and manner of movement. When he finds something similar in their appearance, he begins to seek satisfaction in the inner qualities. It is here that they may play a cruel joke your actions, it can not be regarded as you.

In order to develop relationships both pleased and they must be sincere. Therefore, if the cause of your actions is the desire to look better than you really are, then eventually you're bound to betray himself. The man is the cause, at least laugh. In all cases you need to be yourself.

Suppose, in the analysis of the relationship you have decided that enough communicate with loved ones, and began to ask him too many questions to remedy this gap. If this goes on for some time, the young man will make a conclusion about your lack of confidence, talkativeness, or, even worse, it considers it an invasion of their personal space. If to this we add more tears and tantrums at the slightest provocation to attract attention, he may decide that you could not see in these qualities before, and worse than a companion could be nothing.

If you feel jealous of some mutual friend and begin to do so, to put it in a bad light in front of her male friends, it is most likely you will not understand. Misunderstanding greatly undermines the relationship. In addition, many men unfashionable outfit and hairstyle of your "opponent" are far from being in the first place.

Jealousy that drives your actions if you want to refresh the relationship is likely to lead to their rupture. He estimates the presence of jealousy as a lack of confidence, which is based on any relationship.

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