That pushes women to commit adultery? Expert opinion

That pushes women to commit adultery? Expert opinion
 Treason. For some, it is simply not acceptable, others change easily and beautifully. And as if there was not a betrayal - a topic that will exist forever, until there is a man and a woman. Treason - a necessary evil or necessity? What is the reason for cheating? What is cheating on a woman?  

According to statistics, 70% of men change and only 30% - women. Modern society condemns women to change more men and psychologists are trying to find the causes, urges women to this fateful step.

Many believe that female infidelity evidence of family crisis. Such a family crisis may occur if the spouses do not have a trust relationship, mutual understanding or simply not enough romance, hanging and attention.

In this case, betrayal - it's sweet self-deception by which a woman tries to escape from reality. But a relationship - it is, above all, trust that can not be built on deception. It turns out that a woman is looking for salvation from a family crisis in the arms of another man, but the result is similar to the crisis ... a vicious circle, you say? Possible. But many continue to live and to choose the script, not really thinking about the results.

Another reason, according to psychologists, is a woman's desire to stay young. To prove to herself that she was still interested in men. Such betrayal like a game, which both enjoy.

Of course, there are those for whom it is a betrayal of the sport: more, more, more quickly, but we are not talking about them.

Experts believe that women can be some predisposition to be changed if:
1) The husband often goes on a business trip or a lot of work;
2) The woman is in a string of bad luck (or critical age);
3) Her mother cheated on my father;
4) Her friend long unfaithful to her husband
5) There is an old friend of man.
Sometimes, change can be an opportunity to understand the value of existing relations in marriage, make appreciate what is already there. In some cases, cheating may be the beginning of a new life or cure depression. But still it can quickly destroy all that you have created over the years ... to change or not - the decision is yours.

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