Secret Women's tricks for hunting men

Secret Women's tricks for hunting men
 Every year, men are becoming more and more demanding. They are already well versed in women's fashion, makeup, how a woman should behave in a society that should and should not say or do. All this inevitably leads to the fact that like the man becomes more and more difficult.

He does not need a doll with powdered nose or big eyelashes, he needs sensual woman, able to conquer only one eye. Only by looking into her eyes, he should be intrigued, he should see the secret, which can only solve it. A woman should not be ashamed to look at a man, but it should be done cautiously. In the beginning, his eyes wide open and should attract attention, and then accidentally fall down, as if you are here and nothing to do with.

Plays an important role and a smile. It should give a promise of all that he wants execution of the most cherished and daring of his desires. You can rehearse at home in front of a mirror. Look for a little down and smile at the same time, pre-folded his lips. It is this smile will be deadly projectile for him.

Make-up - is also a weapon. It can ruin the rest of your life or change it in the best way. Bright and flashy coloring on the face of a woman - is absurd. Makeup should match the situation, time of year, time of day, clothes. He should not hide the natural beauty, but only to emphasize it. Men pay attention to how a woman wearing makeup, and know how to distinguish a fake from the real art.

When it comes to clothing, it should in principle be and in sufficient quantity. First, do not just show the man all its advantages and charms, and let pofantaziruet pomuchaetsya guessing. Secondly, his health watch out. Because man can not immediately remove the sexual excitement, it is not very well affect its potency. Even a small cut on the skirt looks much more attractive to him than the lace on the hips instead of a skirt.

Gait. Light, flying, from the hip. Before it is necessary not to go and swim, slightly shaking his hips. And at the same time no matter what you shod - sneakers, stilettos or you do barefoot.

Stoop reduces the growth of a few inches, and indicates the indifference of the women to their appearance. A beautiful posture emphasizes women's dignity and superiority, saying how she loves and respects. And when we respect and value yourself, and all around are beginning to treat us the same way.

And not necessarily be extraordinarily beautiful by nature, tall and slender, to impress a man. You just have to be a woman and to love yourself, take care of themselves, to value themselves and clearly understand what are or who you want.

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