How to stay desired

How to stay desired
 Most of the women, going beyond the threshold of the registry office on the arm of the elect, cease to take care of their appearance and shape. And if one man in a hundred will continue to love his wife and wreathed figure and wrinkled, the rest will crave grooming, beauty and youth. The conclusion suggests itself - a woman can not relax, it should always be attractive and desirable in the eyes of his men.

You need to pay attention to your home dressing room, to care for face and body, as well as to monitor their weight. But special attention should be paid to the psychological climate in the family, relations between spouses. From the outset against women would be useful not only to her husband's mistress, but also a friend, try to talk to him more often the words of love. A woman does not necessarily sacrifice themselves, their interests and career for family, just need to learn how to combine all.

For example, if the husband comes to football, fishing, meeting with friends, his wife should also unwind, meet friends or go to the theater, to the exhibition.

A woman will always be of interest to men, if she has her own hobbies, occupations, hobbies. Any woman is sometimes useful to change their image and choose the appropriate new wardrobe, it will not only increase its self-esteem, but surprise, delight and inspire the exploits man.

Element of unpredictability is very effective, you can invite her husband in the movie, a romantic dinner in an unusual style, take him to the cottage girlfriend to do a joint reading books, walking or just to talk.

Try not to forget about the importance of touch, they need to keep warm, confidence in relationships, a sense of security. It is not necessary to strain her husband complained of colleagues, friends, relatives, do not move him any problems. Also, in any case does not apply to quarrels with her husband or girlfriends mom, it can negatively affect your relationship in the future.

If a man offered to help, do not give up, even if you can cope. Rejoice husband present sincere, but in this case he will be happy to give them. Sometimes recalls the beginning of a relationship, browse wedding videos and photos. Try to remember and keep the former passion, tenderness and love for years to come.