How to prevent a quarrel

How to prevent a quarrel
 Anyone not ideal, so misunderstandings, quarrels, conflicts - alas, an integral part of human communication. The reasons are usually differences in upbringing, habits, temperament, attitude. Quarrels often arise between the best of friends, and among the most loving, faithful wife. It's inevitable. But, remembering and observing a few simple rules, you can successfully prevent started fighting, as they say, "in the bud."
 It is not necessary to consider their views, habits, beliefs only correct and worthy of imitation. Recognized for his "half" or other, or just random interlocutor right to other views, habits and beliefs. It is so easy!

If there was a dispute, do not consider the opponent as an enemy who must be in that whatever was to get to agree with you. Remember, it's not a war, where the question is squarely: "Who will win! "Sometimes much more reasonable politely say," Let everyone remains at the opinion. " And turn the conversation to some other topic.

In that case, if you do not like something in the other person, and really want to make a remark to him, first think carefully: and whether it is appropriate in this specific situation? For example, a person behaves clearly inadequate. This may be due to the fact that he is something very upset, excited, and now you are adding a portion of criticism. Even if this criticism is quite true, it is clearly the goal is reached, but the cause of quarrel can be almost certain. In such a situation, you are better off or silent, giving the person time to calm down, or politely and tactfully ask not happen if he had some kind of trouble, can not you anything to help.

If you still need to make a claim, try to do it quietly, discreetly, without humiliating the person, not making him feel "Priepert to the wall." For example, the wife wants her husband to help her more at home. It is a legitimate request. But if she starts to speak about it like this: "Enough, enough. I'm not a workhorse. And at work, at home and toil, without straightening the back, and no help from you! "It will end? With a probability of 99%, scandal, and unwillingness to help her husband.

Remember that women are more emotional, vulnerable, and in certain periods due to physiology, can become irritability, resentment, biased. Loving and caring husband try indulgent treat mood swings of his wife, especially in those "days." Of course, this does not mean that she has to indulge in everything, but patience should still.

Generally, when possible, avoid talking on the disputed issues. Can be limited to a discussion of what is clearly not cause "boiling passions."

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