Sexual life after childbirth

Sexual life after childbirth
 Having a child - an important event in any family. 9 months of waiting come to an end, and life changes dramatically. But some things are returning to normal. One of these things - sexual life of the spouses. Sex - is a natural need of the body, and after at least a month of abstinence resist it very difficult.

Surely every woman expecting first child, thinks it is possible to have sex during pregnancy could harm the unborn baby is. But not everyone asks himself these questions about the postpartum period. And time is very rich: a woman should realize the fact of birth, relax after a long and exhausting labor, again, get used to your body.

Men do not always understand how important this period in the life of the newly-made mother and believe that your sex life all at once would be as before. At this point, it is important to talk directly with her husband and all clear. Explain that for a while you can not have any sexual contact. Physicians are advised to abstain from sex for 4-6 weeks. During this time, your uterus return to a place that is will take the same size as before pregnancy, the vagina also will return to its previous state. If you happened perineal tear or episiotomy did you (surgical incision of the perineum), this time you need to heal joints. Over the 6 weeks to completely stop the bleeding.

When the doctor calls you to abstain from sexual intercourse, it is because of the penetration of the vagina (penis, finger or any other object), because at this time is very easy to carry infection.
All of the above objective physiological reasons to wait for the return of sex in your life. But there is also a psychological factor. Many women are afraid to think about sex. This fear is associated with many factors.

In the case of sutures, some women are afraid that during sex they can disperse. In order to protect yourself from this, visit the gynecologist 4-6 weeks after birth. Usually by this time all the seams are tightened, but if not, you will be assigned additional procedures for their healing. After birth, some women have a feeling that the vagina is stretched. In fact, it speaks only of the sagging of the vaginal muscles. Special Charge will help get rid of this feeling. During sex can occur painful, it may be due to various reasons, but mostly because of vaginal dryness. This can be overcome by using special greases and lubricants (only without the hormone for breastfeeding mothers) or increase the duration of foreplay, to highlight the natural lubrication.

Someone feels unattractive after childbirth. In this case, simply costs more time to spend on themselves. In the first weeks of sleep at the same time as a child, sleep has a favorable effect on the skin and contributes to its rejuvenation. If your form has changed, first you should get used the most to him. Buy new clothes, lingerie, which will be beneficial to emphasize your new figure. Your attractiveness depends on you, if you feel your sexuality, your husband will see it, and therefore his sexual attraction will not be lost. To shift part of the responsibility for child care for her husband, spend more time threesome. Type male caretaker, causes a rush of tenderness in women. Perhaps this will help you overcome the fear of sex.

And of course, never refuse help grandparents, friends and acquaintances. Spend free time with her husband. Use an intimate view as long as the baby is sleeping. You can have sex in other rooms or in the kitchen. Find a position that will be useful to you and does not bring pain. Show your sexual fantasy. Surely, this is like your husband.

And do not be afraid to share your concerns with her husband, then he will know that we love you and roads, as before. Return to sex when your body is ready for it. Life changes after birth, and sex too.

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