A stake for the vamp

A stake for the vamp
 Perhaps no one type of the fair sex does not cause as many conflicting emotions, as vamp. She inspires her admired her attempt to imitate, envy, its condemnation, love, love and hate. Her image, appealing to men, try on a lot of women: female winter with palely skin, smoky eye makeup with bright red or dark-colored lipstick on her lips, with a mouthpiece in hand, in a skin-tight black sexy dress. Who is she really, this femme fatale?
 The biggest misconception - imagine vamp in this glossy magazines publicized appearance. It is a fine game. It is no secret that many men this aggressive way may even scare - so instinct of self-preservation. And they have a thing to fear: because vamp - not just a sexy temptress. This is a real hunter to men's hearts.

Vamp does not need the money men, it does not need anything from the family and the fact that many people are interested. Its rate is high: it is necessary that he gave her all of himself without reserve, it will satisfy only his complete surrender to it. And she needed it as just another trophy. When vamp gets what she wants, just ruthlessly throw as boring toy. And will continue to play with another admirer.

Beauty femme fatale - a night, so it is both bright and forgettable. Afternoon vamp can not attract any extra sight, but the one who designed her alluring smile, and remember it forever lost sleep in a vain attempt to meet their unrealistic dream. But only at her request and with her permission of their way to cross again.

Vamp can not shine beauty, but she certainly has sexual charisma, attracting men. Her weapon - a hypnotic gaze, cold-inaccessible and passionate at the same time, a man who literally mesmerizing. Her half-smile like a light at the same time is both yes and no. She - a woman of mystery, hints, reticence, a mystery to men.

This is what attracts men to this woman. They want to understand and solve it - but this is not possible, she herself does not understand himself. Femme fatale played by its own rules, but her actions are not subject to any logic. A man wants to get her to do her - but she never given to the end.

Intrigue vamp is that it cleverly conceals its essence. She understands the psychology of men and subtly manipulated. This woman can put on any image which is the ideal woman for a man. For example, look and behave like a sweet and touching, helpless blonde, close to where he will feel like a real man.

The more a man falls in love with her, the more energy it takes him, the more fueled his love and adoration. He feels that he can not live without her, seeking a meeting with her, ready to do anything that she was with him. It becomes like a drug for him. A female vampire gives him in return only hope.

He is more and more soluble in love and loses its identity, becoming something of its shadow. When vamp gets from men everything I wanted, it becomes boring and uninteresting to her. And it is gradually moving away from him or just disappears from his life, leaving behind only a memory.

But what lies behind the romantic aura of female mysteries? Firstly, the need to recharge energy. The greater the amount of energy in the form of love, admiration, adoration she gets, the more it will be a charismatic energy.

Secondly, the so-called vamp can be a psychological complex, or injury, going from childhood. For example, female inferiority complex when the mother or father gives his daughter to feel that she is "just" a girl. Hence the feeling slighted resentment, muzhenenavistnichestvo, desire for revenge.

Third, is the fear of love. Vamp may experience strong passions, she allows herself to love crazy, but I never loved myself really. After all, if a man can throw it, as she did many times. In addition, the femme fatale lose their sexual charisma, because love - it means to give. So, then it ceases to be a vamp.

But the one who never really loved has never really had not lived. Alas, her life - it's just a game. In which she won the hearts of men, while in captivity their own image.

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