Your choice - sissy

Your choice - sissy
 Guess immediately what your favorite is a mama's boy is not as easy as it may seem. Spoiled boy could easily be clumsy and shy boy, smart and elegant man, politely held the door for you in the lobby. "Sons" are different, and yet they have a lot in common.

Typically, these men are accurate and punctual, and their shirts are fresh and perfectly ironed (later you will see whose is the merit). Mom's constant calls, frequent admiration parent, sweater among official papers and weekend without it - it's only the first call, but not the problem. The main disappointment awaits you when you realize that no one solution your betrothed is not able to accept yourself. And after one of his favorite pearl that "a lot of women, but I have one mom," you finally realize that you got a real sissy!

However, if the feelings are still strong, and you no matter what decide to associate with such a man his life, be aware of the upcoming challenges that sooner or later you will encounter. It will take quite a bit of time in-law about you express your "phi". For her since the day you were on the horizon, happy and peaceful life ended. You encroached on her precious krovinochku she worked so hard to grow up (and, of course, is not for you), and besides you have is a terrible contradiction to all her notions of filial happiness. All your actions will be viewed under a microscope. Constant moralizing, tips, unfair comments and criticisms will now have to listen to at every opportunity. In addition, the mother will qualify for a major role in your family.

If you do not want that kind of life under the watchful eye and eternally dissatisfied in-law, you need to act before its too late.
- Get rid of all the old things of her husband, who is reminded of his former addiction;
- Do not enter into open conflict with her mother in law, be smarter, show her husband that his mother, you are treated with respect, but no more;
- He can not cope with simple household responsibilities? Do everything together, and in any case do not laugh at his clumsiness;
- No need to open direct him, let him feel the full responsibility for what is happening, so he can learn to be responsible for their actions;
- Observe all the achievements of her husband, even small, and encourage any effort partner. Compliments should be sincere, to encourage him to new challenges and victories;
- Sexual life - this is your trump card here-in-law is powerless. Avoid boredom and monotony in intimate relationships, experiment embodies sexual fantasies spouse. Reassure her husband that the best lover he did not find.

But before you start to fight for mama's boy, think carefully and decide for yourself whether it is really so good and necessary in your life. Is it worth it to get involved in this "war", in which you can easily lose, spending a lot of their time and nerves. If yes, then go ahead and good luck!

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