Why love goes: the most common mistakes in love

Why love goes: the most common mistakes in love
 Love - it's a wonderful feeling, but sometimes it disappears from the relationship without apparent reason, and once loving couples can only wonder what happened. There is a common mistake that even passionately loving each other man and woman. Try to avoid them - it will help keep your union.


In the beginning of the relationship does not have to be bored - partner a genuine interest in it lies the mass of unknown traits and things that I want to know. However, over time the novelty is lost. The nature and habits of a loved one studied reactions are predictable. This predictability can easily get bored. You should not wonder why love goes. That the relationship is not boring, always try to surprise partner - a new hairdo, exotic dish. Create, find themselves interesting cases and involves them in a soul mate. Show him that you miss will not have.


During familiarization many aspire to embellish the truth about himself. It is clear why this is happening - people want to make a big impression on the person they want to achieve, and its location. However, with the development of relationships that you created the image can be pretty bored. It is difficult to constantly seem brutal macho or perfect hostess, if you are not. Alone with your loved one wants to relax and be yourself, and do not wear a mask selected. However, it is likely that the partner loved it you created the image.

Destroy the need to create the illusion gradually, otherwise your beloved can deter abrupt changes in your character.

The desire to educate

As a rule, relations are entering two adults with established characters and certain habits. Do not attempt to educate a partner for themselves. You can only gently point out the features that you do not like, and to support a loved one, if he decides to fix them. However, try to re-wife, a loving long to gather, or try to make soft men strong and resolute man, useless.

If you does not suit the nature of your second half, consider whether you really love her.

Apparent health

Circulated stereotype that loving people should live in perfect harmony and never quarrel. But love - it is still not a single organism, each of them have their own wants and needs, any of them can sometimes be in a bad mood. Conflicts and quarrels - it is an inevitable part of life. The main thing is not to ignore the problem and be able to solve them. Quarrel, and then come to an agreement. And then you would not have to wonder why love goes.

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