Why do men throw women

Why do men throw women
 The habit of asking questions, instead of looking for the answers - one of the worst in humans. It makes its mark time and delve into their feelings rather than to raise his head and move on. This is especially true with respect to the questions beginning with the word "why". Especially because quite often the answers can be formulated quite clearly. Thus, the reasons for which men throw women, not very much.  

Failure to understand the reasons why men throw women, usually due to the fact that they are one and the same formulate different words. By the way, the language barrier - one of the most common explanations for the gap.

Men say that in their family reigned absolute misunderstanding, and that the more anxious - unwillingness to listen to each other. They are convinced that their precious half actively doing things his own way, and often this has led to negative consequences. And they told them! This same problem and all of them are futile appeals to quit work to stay at home instead of a hike with friends or in a fitness club. "We were talking in different languages! "- Bitterly exclaim abandoned the family man.

Fatigue from excessive custody - another common cause of rupture. Care - this is important and necessary for each person, but it has a downside - or rather, two. Firstly, life begins to put pressure on the men, and secondly, you subordinates. So husbands start to think that your family consists of three parts - he, his wife and life. In an effort to please the women are overly zealous. Begins to appear that day can not be completed if not swept the floor, once again wiped the dust, and every thing is laid on its strictly tuned place. A joint pastime? It can be reduced to a mere wiping plates. On the rest of his wife is left forces - by the end of the day, she falls into bed exhausted. Yes, and its appearance is poor - shook the economy, it does not have time to look after themselves.

The third reason that a man can throw a woman, excessive independence lady of his heart. Like the previous type of women plunged into farming, so other representatives of the fair sex are not able to divide itself between home and work. Lack of attention, and besides - a growing sense of inferiority is likely to lead to a rupture.

The latter cause for termination of the relationship is the reason, which can be expressed in two words: "Do not grow together." Painful as it is to admit, the man was mistaken in you, and saw not the girl he needed. What does this mean? Only what he needs another. This should not cause you to conclude that his or her imperfection. Is not always possible to find your soul mate on the first try. You just need to get together and keep looking.

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