Why a guy does not call

Why a guy does not call
 This nagging question from time to time if you do not care about all the girls in love, then surely most of them. This is the feature of female psychology - to think that if you like, then, is to find a free moment to call back and say a few words. Let it be absolutely meaningless words, they are not important, but the very fact that it is not forgotten, misses, loves.
 Try to ask this question impartial psychologist, and he especially draw your attention to the differences in the perception of phone calls between women and men. If almost all the ladies give this detail is too high, the representatives of the strong half of mankind is just the opposite - do not find it quite so necessary action. They work, business meetings, contracts, agreements, meeting with friends, etc. For men the phone - a means of business communication. If you have something to say and it's really important that he takes and dials a number. And talk about anything, says the man - it is the prerogative of women.

Few of the guys has a powerful gift of eloquence and become skilled in the distribution of compliments. Not all are able to speak emotionally, many are not accustomed to so easily confess your love or sympathy and speak different "tenderness". They are always required male behaviors, self-restraint in the expression of feelings, reticence and significance. Therefore, most men just do not find something to talk about, and shy to show their feelings. If you like guys, he'll tell you about it in person at the meeting, without the help of a virtual agent.

Man jealously guard their freedom and allow the telephone became the leash on which it is held, is not going to. This is also one of the reasons for the reluctance to call a girl once again, even if he loves and respects her. Make a call, thinking man, he shows weakness, especially in front of him, and show it to a girl. This behavior, in this case even consider a kind of male "etiquette."

If your guy - a sociable young man who knows a lot about dating a girl and so suggests how you can respond to his phone call, then there is a great probability of its attempts to manipulate and you. Pay attention to your conversations with him at all. When you have a feeling that he is trying to get you to "inflamed" bored, made some steps first, and so on, this is manipulation. Moreover, it may even be unconscious, i.e. occur in the event that he likes you.

Well, if you do not like, it is also understandable why he does not call. Then you just need to have the courage to admit this fact. Usually cooling of relations does not happen suddenly, it is preceded by any signs. Remember the details of your recent meetings. Maybe there was something wrong, and you did not notice his attempts to bring the relationship to nothing? Or maybe he just hunter girlish "scalps" and you're his next victim?

Of course, you can assume anything. That is what a girl sitting by the phone waiting for a call. But in some cases, you can not spend it on their own time and nerves. For a start, better make sure that you do not call for some technical reason, especially if after your meetings took only a few hours.

Maybe the guy really was not possible to call: you never know in life there are circumstances completely beyond the control of human desires ?! Try to make the call yourself ... Are you afraid that your attempt to apprehend the guy as an obsession? But it depends on you, on your ability to carry on a conversation while preserving their dignity.

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