Why a guy does not call

Why a guy does not call
 "Call me, call ..." How many women spend some hours on the phone waiting for a call from a loved one. In those days, the phone must be always near in sight and reach. If have to leave it on or off for a few hours, then head sweeps thought of despair that such a long-awaited call was missed.
 Causes silence man can be set. If he ever calls you, or you decide themselves typed his number, you will hear a thousand and one explanation. You can make a real hits excuses. The most popular are the following.

1. A lot of work, really a lot of work to raise his head once. Well there is. Sometimes rush jobs happen at all when you simply do not have time to do everything planned, including the call. And when there is free time, it is already night call is awkward.

2. Lost phone or a piece of paper with your number, I forgot to add funds to your mobile. This is also possible, though very rare, if not repeated once.

3. offended. Perhaps you have something said or done that hurt the feelings of your men. And if he had not struck you out of your life, it may well be angry. What to do in this case, to decide the woman. If you need it, if you love him, and possibly to blame, you should first call.

When in fact good reasons to not find two minutes for the woman he loved, think hard. Most often it is simple: you are a man or not interested, and he does not plan any serious relationship, or you just do not get into the top three priorities. While this may not mean that you are a man indifferent. The question is - do you really need a man.

Do not forget that men and women have different views on displays of affection and prove their sincerity. This is mainly female behavior - phoning several times a day to his beloved, just to ask how things were going, or ask if he loves.

Men in this respect more restrained. It is likely that your partner is afraid to seem too sensitive and sentimental. Maybe he does not want to show their true feelings in order not to lose the image of a tough macho. Is that just at the initial stage, when passions are raging, it can call frequently. Or if a man is insanely jealous and controls every step you take, the phone - the best way to do this.

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